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Don't Search. Request.

Real Deals in Real Time

  • Request for the best deal on products, services or dining
  • Review each customized offer
  • Respond to the business that gives you the best deal

Instantly let businesses know what you're looking for when you want their best deals on:

  • Products, like mountain bikes or handbags
  • Services, like auto repair or home healthcare
  • Dining, like sushi or happy hour specials
  • 60 Percent of Online Traffic Now Comes From Mobile

    "A comScore report says smartphones and tablets combined now account for 60 percent of all online traffic up from 50 percent a year ago."

  • Small Business Owners' #1 Concern

    "U.S. small-business owners are most likely to say that attracting more customers and business is the most important challenge they face today."

  • Mobile Shoppers Use Coupons But Smaller Merchants Struggle

    "75% of mobile shoppers have redeemed a coupon from their smartphones & 80% say their perceptions of a retailer would improve if that retailer offered mobile deals. Smaller merchants are still struggling to get their footing in this new marketing world."


For Shoppers

What Makes Us Different

It starts with you. We believe you'll be 100% engaged with the incoming customized offers because you asked for them. Only the merchants that can fulfill your request, receive a 'Jingling' on their app within the radius you choose.

What's included?

Unlimited requests for Real Deals In Real Time™ via the Jingling App on iPhone, iPad and on the web. See individual offer details, photos, descriptions, ratings & reviews, and terms of sale.

If you'd like:

  • Post positive experiences on social media to promote great local businesses.
  • Once you've accepted a deal, message the merchant with feedback.
  • Enter ratings and reviews for other shoppers.


Jingling is free
No download fees.

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After you register, explore. Since we're a new service, it may take a little while for us to sign up merchants.
It would really help if you tell friends about us and send us a Feedback of a business or category that you'd like added.

Contact us with questions, comments or feedback.

The advantages of becoming an early adopter

To make this work, we'll need local, small and medium businesses to sign up and practice using the system. Businesses that become early adopters of the Jingling App will have learned the system, learned what works to get new customers and will have better reputations to win new customers and earn return customers.

We would love your feedback or questions! Also, send us new products, services and dining suggestions to add! Contact us at info@jinglingapp.com


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